Your body’s pH balance, also referred to as its acid-base balance, is the level of acids and bases in your blood at which your body functions best. The human body is built to naturally maintain a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity.

It is important for us to assist our body in creating and maintaining a healthy pH ratio of 70:30, alkaline to acid.  Just like the swimming pool needs to have a the perfect pH for you to swim, your body must maintain a healthy pH to reach optimal health.

The traditional American diet & lifestyle fosters an acidic body. Most diseases, illnesses, and bad bacteria thrive in an over acidic environment. When pH levels are unbalanced, it is mostly in the case of being too acidic.

Benefits of Alkaline water: 

People have been drinking alkaline water for centuries for its health-restorative properties. Alkaline water is slightly sweeter and a lot more refreshing than plain water. Great tasting water makes it easy for you to drink enough water to hydrate your body properly. It also makes the foods you cook taste better too. The World Health Organization, state minerals are absorbed 30% faster and easier from water than they are from food!

What sets our Alkaline system apart from the the others: 

The normal pH for water is usually around a 7. Our water usually has a pH of 12.

Our proprietary alkaline water filtration system removes chemicals, heavy metals, detergents, pharmaceuticals, and even things like Fluoride. Our water system does not use Reverse Osmosis. Reverse Osmosis is a commonly used water purification method, unfortunately this method strips the water off all minerals and creates highly acidic water. The complete opposite of what is healthy and best for your body. Reverse Osmosis membranes can also build up bacteria quickly and if the system is not maintained properly this bacteria and contaminants can leak back into your water flow. This can undermine the whole purpose of the filtration system.

Our Specialty Waters and Tea Service:

Join us in the kitchen to enjoy a cool glass of Alkaline water and/or be comforted with one of our herbal tea blends crafted with the Alkaline water.

Water Compliments, ice-cubes changing weekly:

  • Lemon-Rosemary
  • Lemon-Lavender
  • Lemon-Thyme
  • Orange-Basil

Herbal teas made with Alkaline water:

  • Echinacea Elderberry ~ Immune boost
  • Dandelion Root ~ Liver detox
  • Golden Tea Latte ~ Anti-inflammatory
  • Hawthorn ~ Heart health
  • Kava ~ Relaxation
  • Nettle~ Lung health
  • Raspberry ~ Woman’s issues such as cramps
  • Specialty Tea ~ Available upon request & created for your individual needs.

*All teas are: organic, caffeine free, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, and can be vegan upon request.*

All available by appointment or before and after class.

Tea Bar