At Zen Medicine,  we teach Hatha yoga, which promotes the mind~body connection.

We teach based on your ability at this moment in time.

The poses are gentile & our teaching style allows you to go at your own pace.

The small semi-private classes (maximum of 6 people per class). This provides us with the opportunity to  give you personalized direction with easy & clear instructions. We explain what we are doing & why we do it. You will get to know your own body as it is now, and move further towards your ultimate goals.

The classes are approximately 45-60 minutes long. (Most yoga classes are 75 minutes). Each class we start with a 5-10 minute lesson on what yoga is, why we do the poses, what are the benefits, and other yoga related topics so you are able to understand what you are doing and why you do them.

We share easy breathing techniques that help promote relaxation while strengthening the lungs.

Class includes deep relaxation & guided meditation accompanied by Sound Healing and aromatherapy with essential oils, along with calming and inspiring scents of incense.

If the class permits, we may also include Reiki, a Japanese stress relief technique, to help ignite the body’s natural healing system.

We work very hard to help people understand that yoga can be challenging in the beginning & it is ok to start small & build. We encourage every yogi to work with their own body, and stay in the moment on your own path to establish a journey that works with your lifestyle, to build a love for yoga, and to be Inspired by Life.

I look forward to being your guide on this journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In Peace & Love ~Catte

Please check class time has availability, click this link.

Single Class $30
Purchase 4 or more classes $25

Please call the office to make an appointment (772) 888-2830