The Souls Lessons

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There are no accidental meetings in life, with 7.5 billion people in the world, our paths cross with each other for a reason. Every person you meet, you are meant to meet, it is destiny. You are destined to learn the lesson from their soul, and they are meant to learn from yours.

Sometimes you meet someone, and you have an instantaneous connection. You feel like you have known them forever. They motivate you to find happiness, encourage you to be true to yourself, and inspire you to be your best. These people are in your life to affirm that you are on the right path. Take a moment, breath in the love that those relationships provide, as you breathe out, relax with peace that you find in that relationship.

Sometime you meet someone, and the interaction is a struggle. Your energies don’t mesh, it feels like a negative experience. Perhaps you become irritated or annoyed. They disturb your chi. Your ego judges them as difficult, less than, and not worth your time. Those are the souls that present the opportunity to practice patience, understanding, compassion, and kindness. It is easy to be kind to someone who is being kind to you. You challenge your higher self, when you are kind to someone when it is not easy. Recognize that we are all on different places on our journey. We need to learn to respect another’s path, for we do not know the reasons behind why they have chosen to go down the road they are on. Raise your vibration, Thank those souls for the lesson they shared with you, and move on. Stay connected with the people who have energy that you want to be surrounded with.

You chose your destiny. You are in control of your thoughts and your actions. Chose to relax with positive feelings, and notice the more you infuse your core with love & peace, your mind will generate thoughts of the same. Emit your truthful, soul-driven energy; and that is what you will attract.

Believing there is meaning behind every interaction will help you heal and move forward in a positive direction. It will provide the space for you to connect with those you want to be connected with. Trust that the universe has the best intentions for you, it does, welcome to Treasure Coast Holistic Health Center. It is our honor to connect with you.