Holistic Protocol for Depression

Holistic Protocol for Depression

By: Catherine A. O’Connor CNC, CRP, RYT

Depression can be a horrible debilitating disease. It not only affects the person who is battling, it can also affect their family members and their friends. It is not something that can be seen or measured, which in my opinion makes it that much harder to detect. It also makes it harder to learn how to cope, and treat it. There is also somewhat of an embarrassment attached to being depressed, and although we all know that there is nothing to be ashamed of, the feelings do often present themselves.

You do not have to face depression on your own, and truthfully once you start talking to people about it, the easier it will become for you.

Take a journey on your path to wellness holistically. With depression it is advised that you increase your serotonin (the feel good hormone), and balance adrenal fatigue. Here are some suggestions on what you can do holistically to help with the feelings of depression.  


  • First and foremost, talk to a family member, talk to a friend, seek a counselor, maybe do all three.


  • Amare Global is the leader in Mental Wellness. They offer Menta Therapeutics that provides an all natural mood support. The key ingredients in Mood+ have multiple scientific studies that show significant benefits for mood support such as relief from anxious feelings, sadness, restlessness, and overall stress relief. Click here to shop.
  • See out a Reiki Practitioner, and/or learn how to give yourself Reiki. Read more about Reiki hereYou can take a class with me, it would be my honor to teach you.
  • Eat at a baked potato daily. The magic of a potato boosts all the feel good hormones including serotonin. You must choose an organic potato, (we can talk about why you should change your diet to be completely organic at another time:). Conventional potatoes don’t have the same effect on the body that organic potatoes do. Also bake the potato in the oven, not the microwave (again, if you want to know why, that’s a long EMF’s lesson for another time).
  • Seek a fantastic Doctor of Acupuncture, not just anyone, a 5 Element Acupuncturist is the best. They look at you as a whole. If you are anywhere near Long Island, New York, take the drive to see Dr. Christie Harrington of Classical Acupuncture in Port Jefferson. Even if you have to drive far, he is worth it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  • Seek out a Chiropractor. Again look for a professional that is in it to help & makes money as a side effect of doing what they love to do. Look for someone that was “called to his/her work” Despite popular belief a Chiro does more than just crack your back and neck. A Chiropractor, a good one, will look at you as a whole and align your nervous system.
  • Exercise: Yoga!:)  Yoga is exercise; practice the poses, yes great! Use your muscles, whoo! In addition to the exercise of it… Look for a yoga teacher that will do breath work, and try to find someone who also does a meditation during class. Breath work for depression is so very good for you. A Hatha (not hot yoga, don’t confuse the two they are very, very different classes.) yoga class usually practices breathing & poses, and some include meditation too.
  • Smile at yourself in the mirror. I know it sounds silly, but many, many, many studies have shown that smiling is the #1 way to increase serotonin! Your brain sees you smile & says oh I must be happy. Crazy, maybe, but it really works.


  • Vitamin D ~. Especially in the winter most people are vitamin D deficient. You can ask you Dr. to check your levels if you choose. Mercola.com has a really great product & you can read all about the benefits of Vitamin D on this website.


  • Take a good probiotic. Amare Global offers a revolutionary probiotic called Fundamentals.  The most comprehensive combination of unique strains of probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics. Click here to shop


  • Finding a store like Phountain which has a Vitamin D sun lamp & other things like the sauna, and detox options which help elevate the mood can also be helpful for those who suffer from depression.


  • Finding a salt room can be beneficial for those who suffer from depression. Organic Spa Magazine has a great article on salt rooms. You can read it here.



  • Diffuse Lavender essential oil while you sleep.


  • For the adrenals drink an infusion of Ginseng tea, and/or Licorice tea. To make tea you steep the tea in hot water for 3-5 minutes. To make an infusion steep the tea in hot water for 10 minutes.


  • Oil and seeds from the Borage plant. This beautiful plant is high in essential fatty acids which are highly important for optimal health. Studies have shown Borage helps with mild depression. Mountain Rose Herbs is a great place to find this herb.


  • Bach flower remedies are really great for so many ailments. Read the different choices & pick which one that will suite you best.



  • Lastly, try to find the source of you depression Is it a chemical imbalance? Is it a loss of some kind: loss of love, loss of life, loss of lifestyle, loss of relationship? Is it fear, envy, or betrayal? Find what the root of the problem is, and you can then work toward a solution.


Peace, Love, & Gratitude to you, always…