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Allow you mind to relax. When you relax, you let go of stress that causes friction within.

At first meditation may appear difficult.  We understand and appreciate the value of starting small, and building a strong foundation for success. Using our life experiences, we have created a unique model for beginner meditation. We incorporate relaxation prompts, easy breathing techniques, and guided meditations; specifically designed for those who are just beginning to learn about meditation.

You can enjoy learning meditation and receiving the health benefits,  in our relaxing environment.  You can choose to rest comfortably in our massage chair, on our massage table, or laying on the floor with yoga mats and prop available.

Class Schedule:

Monday Morning Meditation 11:30am

Wednesday Night Candlelight Meditation ~ Yoga Nidra 6:30pm

$10 Semi-Private guided meditation, 30 minute session.

$49 monthly unlimited meditation classes. Re-occurring billing only.


Below are two beginner-intermediate meditations. 


“The Angel and the Wishing Well”

27 minutes

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“The Castle”

17 Minutes

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